What is UM / UIM Coverage?

Why is Uninsured / Underinsured Coverage so Important? (UM/UIM) Examples of why UM/UIM Coverage is so important Many of us have heard the stories where a family or friend has been injured by a driver who was not insured or barely carrying the minimum limits. A family  is burdened with horrific medical bills because of an accident caused by a drunk driver who couldn’t afford insurance due to his/her bad driving record. A child walking to school faces a lifetime of difficulty after being struck by a struggling driver who was texting and only has minimum auto limits. A pair of sweethearts fall victim to a hit-and-run driver Excess UM/UIM Coverage of a Personal Umbrella Personal Umbrella coverage is important to protect your assets, however purchasing the UM/UIM coverage under your personal umbrella policy is optional.  Many people would make sure it was included on their umbrella policies if they understood the coverage. Excess UM/UIM coverage pays for injuries from an accident caused by the owner or operator of an uninsured or under-insured vehicle. Excess UM/UIM from a personal umbrella policy pays over the auto policy limits when the policy's UM/UIM limits have been exhausted. It’s important to understand that UM/UIM coverage comes into play when your vehicle is involved in an accident and [...]